32944a2158a697023a4aa3.41543221 edit img cover file 43130309 1486492683 These Are the Top 8 Beauty Trends You Need to Know For Fall 2017

There was a common backstage beauty trend thread throughout New York Fashion Week Fall 2017: imperfect, natural, and playful beauty is in.

For starters, we predict there will be far more instances of well-placed, thoughtfully-balanced color on the face (picture vibrant color with otherwise neutral makeup). You can also expect a major deviation from the pointed, drawn-on “Instagram eyebrow,” which is being replaced by a groomed, but never overdone brow.

This same idea extends to the entire face in terms of avoiding excessive highlighter, harshly-lined lips, and severe contour. Finally, there will be a certain sexy-meets-sweet fusion that’s quite alluring. You’ll see what we mean as you keep reading!

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Fall-Beauty-Trends-2017-43130309

61tFi2bd4jL Myfashionhair Clip in Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Extensions 22 inches 70g Brown with Blonde highlights Clip on for Fine Hair Full Head 7 pieces Silky Straight Weft Remy Hair (22 inches, #4 27)

Myfashionhair Clip-In Weft
Our clip in hair extensions Set is for those who seek volume! Get that gorgeous full & long hair look. The weight of this stunning set is 70 grams with 7 wefts- Suitable for all hair types & length.Get your hands on beautiful clip in hair extensions.

Myfashionhair Clip In Extensions are made from hand selected top quality hair to ensure a long lifespan and a seamless blend for the most natural look. Can be used with hot tools to straighten or curl your extensions.

Please note: Although the hair can be dyed, we highly recommend you test a small strip of hair before proceeding fully. Especially for the blonde variants in our range. We cannot be held responsible for the dyeing process.

Color: Brown with Blonde Highlights
Length: 22″
Type: Seamless Clip In

Clip Size
1*8″ weft with 4 clips in upper Back of head
2*6″ wefts with 3 clips in Lower Back of head
2*4″ wefts with 2 clips in Side of Head
2*2″ wefts with 1 clips in front of head.

List price: $36.89

buy from amazon light Myfashionhair Clip in Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Extensions 22 inches 70g Brown with Blonde highlights Clip on for Fine Hair Full Head 7 pieces Silky Straight Weft Remy Hair (22 inches, #4 27)

dd17f6fc58af22f0c0bd32.42554737 edit img cover file 43216567 1487872547 How to Wear Flamingo Pink Makeup and Look Like 1 Hot Bird

Pink-eye makeup already happened – it’s still going viral on Instagram and red carpets, everywhere. Now flamingos are having a moment in beauty, too. Combine the two trends and you have flamingo-pink makeup and hair looks.

“Flamingo-pink makeup has been used for years editorially, but now we’re definitely seeing it become a regular beauty trend,” said celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli. “The flamingo-pink color works great as an eye shadow. It instantly warms up the eyes when used either all over the lid or just in the crease. For a more sultry, diffused look, you can also blend the color along the lower lash line (and outwards).”

Some stars are even rocking it on both eyes and lips for a monochromatic look. Lea Michele (pictured) did this for the 2017 Grammys, while Lily Collins took on a color-block style at the 2017 Golden Globes.

However you choose to interpret it – a swipe of hot-pink eye shadow or even some streaks of temporary electric-pink hair paint – it’s one festive fad to try for Spring and Summer 2017! Keep reading to see some of our favorite products inspired by flamingos.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Flamingo-Pink-Beauty-Products-43216567

3d3a140158af103ec20e04.96324234 edit img image 18207884 1487867430 Goth Queens, You Can Now Wash Away Your Sins With This Skull Bath Bomb

While some of us ended our goth phases around 2008, others still prefer to go grunge every day of the week. But no matter which category you fall into, you’re going to be mesmerized by this incredible skull bath bomb . . . because our obsession with bath bombs is definitely not a “phase.” Harper Homemade recently released this mixed-berries-scented bath bomb that we are dying to get our hands on.

The Poser bath bomb ($12) will be available March 1 in three new scents and colors. Until then, you’re just going to have to feast your eyes on the electric blue bath bomb fizzing on our screens. The best part about these homemade products is that each skull is hand painted and made with “the highest quality salts and oils.”

Keep reading to see more photos of this devilish skull bath bomb, and then, find out how to make your own black bath bomb here.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Skull-Bath-Bomb-43216239

7cf968bc58ac7825685813.09693327 edit img cover file 43203223 1487696524 Were Bigly Excited For This Hilarious Trump Inspired Product From Lush

Recently, Lush held its annual Summit, an event during which media, fans, and staff get a glimpse at what’s coming next from the brand. This year’s theme was activism, a core philosophy for Lush. (Remember the #GayIsOK soap? The profits went to grassroots groups working for equal rights around the world.) Donald Trump‘s recent inauguration has inspired an international outpouring of activism, so Lush has combined the two in a cheeky new product: Yuge.

Yuge is a volumizing hair mask, part of Lush’s new and improved range of hair treatments. (In an effort to be more sustainable, the brand is doing away with its jars and converting the formulas into meltable blocks on lollipop-like sticks that dissolve in hot water.) Yuge contains enzymatic pineapple to slough away grime and ground-up peppermint to invigorate the scalp. Jojoba oil, olive oil, and honey all add softness and manageability to your hair.

Lush was very clear about the product’s namesake. A man dressed up with an enormous orange head modeled to look like Trump’s walked around the Summit, making the president’s signature hand movements. But based on recent news from Lush, it’s clear that this hair mask isn’t a loving tribute to the politician.

Over the past 20 years, Lush has not changed the “We Believe” statement that is prominently displayed in each shop – that is, until now. The company will be adding to the declaration with, “We believe that all people should enjoy freedom of movement across the world.”

“Lush has always championed for inclusivity and acceptance in diversity, so it’s no surprise that we’ve chosen to take our stance on the kind of future we want to live in,” said a representative from the brand. Considering that the legal status of so many refugees is still up in the air in the United States, we fully support this strong point of view from the Lush team.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Yuge, you’ll have to wait. It’s still in the development stage and currently being tested (only on humans!) in the brand’s hair lab in Dorset, UK. Once it’s finalized, it will likely launch there first, then come to shelves in North America. In the meantime, keep reading for a sneak peek at the product.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Lush-Cosmetics-Yuge-Hair-Mask-43203223

bac7f17558ade0049b7105.78841081 edit img cover file 43210305 1487786959 Benefits 4 New Products Will Instantly Transport You to Tropical Paradise

Every year around late February/early March, we start feeling a little desperate. It could be for a tropical getaway, for a sign that Spring is coming soon, or even for just a simple reminder that dark Winter skies and cold temperatures aren’t permanent. With the reveal of its newest collection, Benefit Cosmetics does all three . . . easing our troubled minds and warming up our pallid complexions to boot.

The brand is offering four new fabulous Spring launches that are rolling out over the next few weeks. You may have heard about the remix on the iconic Hoola, Hoola Lite, and the stunning Galifornia blush, but that’s not all there is to be excited about. Read on and get your wallet ready – you’ll want to rock these products ASAP.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Benefit-Cosmetics-New-Spring-Beauty-Products-2017-43210305

51IoVpDoP6L 3 5 Days Delivery 7Pcs 16 Clips 23 24 Inch Real Thick Curly Straight Full Head Clip in on Double Weft Hair Extensions 9 Colors

Lelinta 7Pcs 16 Clips 23-24 Inch Real Thick Curly Straight Full Head Clip in on Double Weft Hair Extensions 9 Colors

Clip in hair extensions are the easiest method of hair extensions. They are instant and can be fitted at home in a matter of minutes without help.

How to use:
1.Divide your hair into two sections.Use your finger or a comb to draw a horizontal line from your right temple to your left temple,sectioning off the top part of your hair and securing it with a hair tie or hair clip.If your hair is very thin,use a comb to gently tease the lower half of your hair in one-inch sections.This will help keep the extensions securely in place.
2.Open the clips on your extensions.Align the tops of the hair extensions with the horizontal part you have made,and gently push down to snap the clips into place.Some clip-in hair extensions come in one large piece,while others come in multiple smaller pieces.If you are using multiple clip-ons,then attach them one-by-one,making sure that you evenly distribute them along the part in your hair.If your clip-on is one large piece,then start by fastening the upper row of clips near your part,eventually working your way down to the lower clips near the nape of your neck.
3.Release the top section of your hair.Gently tousle to blend your natural hair with the clip-on extensions.

A set of 7 Pieces:
1 pcs – One piece 8 inch wide welf with 4 clips
2 pcs – Two pieces 6 inch wide welf with 3 clips
2 pcs – Two pieces 4 inch wide welf with 2 clips
2 pcs – Two pieces 2 inch wide welf with 1 clips

About Hair care:
1.Recommended cool or warm water,hand wash only.
2.Use shampoo and hair brush gently.
3.Use conditioner to keep the hair silky and smooth.
4.Rinse thoroughly with hair conditioner and apply cream rinse or Spray as desired.
5.After washing,from the bottom,gently brush hair using downward motion.

List price: $12.99

buy from amazon light 3 5 Days Delivery 7Pcs 16 Clips 23 24 Inch Real Thick Curly Straight Full Head Clip in on Double Weft Hair Extensions 9 Colors

ea4c163c58ac57be75ccf0.93862460 edit img image 15741499 1487688977 Dont Believe the Rumors! This Is the Only Official News From Fenty Beauty So Far

2491d6696f43d556 GettyImages 635051530 Dont Believe the Rumors! This Is the Only Official News From Fenty Beauty So Far

After the announcement last year that Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line would be hitting Sephora shelves in 2017, we have anxiously anticipated any scrap of news. Over the weekend, fans got riled up after an unofficial Instagram page (which has since been taken down) claimed that the first product launch would be a holographic lip gloss.

According to the brand’s official public relations agency, Bold PR, these were only rumors. However, they did divulge a bit of new information: makeup artist James Vincent will be leading the charge on a search for a Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty. (Vincent is the Director of Artistry and Education for the brand Ardency Inn.)

“This is the only official information posted from the brand since the announcement of the launch in Spring of 2016,” said a representative from Bold PR. “Any other post and/or chatter are from fan pages that are enthusiastically awaiting the launch and are unofficial and conjecture about the launch.” In other words, stay tuned for Fall 2017, because that’s when we’ll all be getting the real scoop! We’ll provide more updates as they become available.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/When-Does-Fenty-Beauty-Launch-43202617

b00d08fb58ac75d3947225.28940897 edit img cover file 43202805 1487691726 Glitter Beards Just Got the Unicorn Treatment at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has given us many bright-colored beauty looks but none quite topped the cosmic spectacle that was the Jack Irving show. Aside from the iridescent headpieces, dresses, and inflatables invading the catwalk by alien goddesses, one particular look stole the show.

Galactic Queen Maxi More (who has the amazing Instagram account Fairyprincessmermaidbarbie) firmly established that glittery, sparkly, multicolored beards are here to stay in 2017! The makeup colours used mirrored the iridescent dress for some serious alien goddess vibes. Take a closer look at the magical catwalk looks, then catch up on some of our favorite snaps from Maxi More’s Instagram. It promises to fulfill all of your unicorn/mermaid fantasies.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Jack-Irving-Glitter-Unicorn-Beards-London-Fashion-Week-43203993

cb0ff2bf58a32557c5b485.48559812 edit img image 43163175 1487026200 Beccas New Limited Edition Holographic Highligher Is Totally Team Unicorn

94564ec5f48de5a7 BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Prismatic Amethyst Beccas New Limited Edition Holographic Highligher Is Totally Team Unicorn

Whether you love to hate it or hate to love, the unicorn-inspired beauty trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Becca Cosmetics is the latest makeup brand to launch a holographic product meant to make you look pretty freakin’ magical. The brand revealed it is launching a limited-edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Prismatic Amethyst.

An Instagram from the brand caption says the powder is “enriched with duo-chrome pigments that reflect and refract light for multi-dimensional radiance.”

It has an iridescent lavender base that “subtly shifts shades as it catches the light.” Expect traces of pale gold, violet, and rose pearls to make your skin look multifaceted.

Snag Prismatic Amethyst ($38) exclusively at Sephora.com as well as BECCACosmetics.com on Feb. 22 and then in Sephora stores in March.

You guys, the ’90s are so back!

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Becca-Prismatic-Amethyst-Highlighter-43163175

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