51YDwkTuSFL REECHO® 20 1 Pack 3/4 Full Head Curly Wave Blonde Mixed Hair Color Clips in on Synthetic Hair Extensions Hairpieces for Women 5 Clips 4.6 Oz per Piece   25T613

1.Comb your hair with a brush that has soft bristles or a comb with wire pin just before you wash it. This releases any tangles. It is best not to comb from top to ends one time if the hair is a curly style.
2.Wet your hair with lukewarm water. Hot water may be more comfortable, but it deteriorates the synthetic hair fibers and shortens the extensions’ lifespan.Do not attempt to brush your synthetic hair extensions when they are wet.
3.Lather the hair and extensions with a mild shampoo without a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals as ingredients. All-natural is best.
4.Rinse the shampoo out of hair extensions. Use a hair conditioner that is very oily, like a deep conditioning treatment. Rinse off 90% but leave just a little in, to prevent tangling.
5.Towel-dry your hair as best you can and then allow nature to finish the process. Do not blow dry, this will cause a lot of useless tangles that will ruin your extensions.

1.Divide your hair into two sections. If your hair is very thin, Use a comb to gently tease the lower half of your hair in one-inch sections. This will help keep the extensions securely in place.
2.Open the clips on your extensions. Align the tops of the hair extensions with the horizontal part you have made, and gently push down to snap the clips into place.
3.Release the top section of your hair. Gently tousle to blend your natural hair with the clip-on extensions.
4.Finish your hair style. Tease your hair at the roots and brush out the top layer so that it is smooth. Your clip-in extensions should be completely blended so that you cannot see them at the roots of your locks.

Product Info:
Materials: 100% Top Heat Resistant Fiber and Metal clip with rubber silicone
Weight: Approx 4.6 Oz including clips per piece
Length: Approx 20 inches without streching

List price: $8.99

buy from amazon light REECHO® 20 1 Pack 3/4 Full Head Curly Wave Blonde Mixed Hair Color Clips in on Synthetic Hair Extensions Hairpieces for Women 5 Clips 4.6 Oz per Piece   25T613

ac756169 096ecb01 GettyImages 451254318 8 Beauty Products a US Open Tennis Pro Actually Wears on the Court

Ana Ivanovic has a badass tennis game and a flawless beauty look to go with it. The pro is known for having glowy, bronze skin and wearing her brunette hair in a high ponytail braid (though when she takes it down, she reveals her gorgeous beach waves). As she gears up to play at the US Open in NYC, we chatted with her to find out what products she actually wears while working out to feel good and still look glam.

“When I’m getting ready to go out on the tennis court, I like to focus more on having clean and healthy skin rather than wearing lots of makeup,” she said. “To me, when it comes to beauty, less actually is more. Even if I wanted to wear makeup when training or playing professional matches, it just wouldn’t stay on – I sweat too much! I do wish I was able to wear a lip gloss or mascara on the court, but having makeup run down my face would be a distraction and would compromise my game. That said, stepping onto the court with a clean, natural and polished look helps to build my confidence and allows me to focus on my performance.”

Keep reading to discover exactly which products Ana swears by!

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Ana-Ivanovic-Beauty-Tips-42283076

a616dc42 soapmain These 10 Products Prove That Bar Soaps Should Still Be in Your Routine

According to market intelligence agency Mintel, millennials are largely responsible for the decline in bar soap’s popularity. Apparently, the timeless product suffers from seeming too old-fashioned, with younger shoppers preferring liquid formulas to solid iterations.

While we’re admittedly big fans of fluid body washes and facial cleansers, that doesn’t mean we’re forsaking our bar soaps entirely. Not only are they the most travel-friendly beauty product in our arsenal, but some in particular are superior to their liquid brethren. Read on to discover 10 bar soaps (for face, body, or both!) that we’ll always swear by.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Best-Bar-Soaps-2016-42298949

09ce053e edit img cover file 42289589 1472427978 See Every Stunning Beauty Look on the 2016 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

Sure, we’re excited to see the major performances from Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj, but we’re even more amped to see what beauty choices those stars – and many more – make at the MTV Music Video Awards. From Beyoncé’s gorgeously highlighted cheekbones to Kim Kardashian‘s textured strands, we’re already seeing some seriously head-turning looks. Read on!

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Celebrity-Hair-Makeup-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-2016-42289589

f8197a9b edit img cover file 15741499 1438366706 Product displayed Urban Decay store Orange County CA 14 Signs Youre an Urban Decay Junkie, as Told by GIFs

While I have been collecting beauty products since I was a child, it was Urban Decay (the brand’s Lip Gunk in Big Bang, to be specific) that changed my cosmetic obsession from basic to badass. That one lip gloss turned me into a full-blown makeup addict. I hoarded the original Face Cases like they were made of solid gold. I begged relatives to bid on eBay for discontinued products. Guys, my AOL username was urbandecayjunkie . . . my love for the brand is serious. Are you a UD devotee, too? Read on, because these GIFs are about to speak to your soul.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Obsessed-Urban-Decay-38008423

51niBf2HibL Netgo Synthetic Clip on/in Messy Hair Bun Extension Chignon Hair Piece Wig Scrunchie Bun Up Do Hair piece Hair Ribbon Ponytail Extensions Various Colors

Skin- friendly fit design, more comfortable and breathable

The first time you used, slight hair loss is a normal phenomenon. And you can self- trimming the hair according to your need.
Don’tcomb wig hard when knot appearing, please use the nursing fluid, and then comb gently,regarding stubborn knot, please cut off the knot which will not affect the effect of wig

Clip in hair extensions care instruction:
(1) Wash in clod
(2) Add a dash of Shampoo and wash gently
(3) Rinse thoroughly in cold water
(4) Do not brush when wet allow wig to drip fry
(5) Brush wig into desired style after it is completely dry

List price: $5.29

buy from amazon light Netgo Synthetic Clip on/in Messy Hair Bun Extension Chignon Hair Piece Wig Scrunchie Bun Up Do Hair piece Hair Ribbon Ponytail Extensions Various Colors

00760387 d4fe95f5 lemonade set white600x900 Beautyblender Fans Need This Limited Edition Collaboration ASAP

There’s just something about the mere appearance of a Beautyblender that fills us with joy. Its precious egg-like shape, the knowledge that it makes makeup look absolutely flawless . . . and the fun, vibrant colors it comes in. Thanks to a partnership with Supergoop!, the essential sponge now comes in a new size and hue.

The radiant yellow Beautyblender Sunny was developed for a special collaboration with sunscreen brand Supergoop! and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a charity focused on raising money and awareness around childhood cancers. Sunny is an adorable, petite tool that is approximately half the size of the classic pink sponge, but larger than the teensy Beautyblender Micro. It was specially developed to make applying sunscreen to children’s skin easier (particularly around the ears and nose!).

If a peek at the product didn’t make you want to purchase it immediately, you should know that it comes a travel-size tube of Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50, and the set only costs $20. Even better, 20 percent of the proceeds from this duo goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, so you’ll be doing good for your skin, wallet, and the community with one affordable purchase. (Plus, this cute little guy would look great on Instagram, don’t you think?) Read on to see more shots of the limited-edition pairing, then snag the Beautyblender Sunny x Supergoop! Set ($20).

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Beautyblender-Sunny-x-Supergoop-Kit-42288387

If you’re a beauty gal, you know that the industry can feel a bit cult like at times. (Have you seen how wild women get over an Urban Decay launch?) But there’s a group of junkies within the community who takes their obsession to the next level: lacqueristas. The dedication that nail-polish-lovers have to this passion is impressive. In particular, holosexuals – lovers of holographic formulas – seem to boast the greatest fanaticism of all.

After spying these videos of holographic nail powder applications, we can’t blame them. Holographic polishes are made up of iridescent, prismatic pigments and powders, so when sunlight strikes a nail, it’s as if rainbows are shooting out of the wearer’s fingertips.

In case your local salon has yet to invest in some holo powders, we asked some holosexuals to share some of their favorite formulas. Read on, but be warned: these nail swatches are so hot, they’re almost NSFW.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Best-Holographic-Nail-Polishes-42246384

412fa554 edit img  42212975 1471024860 2d14e174 fallnewmain 15 New Beauty Launches That Will Have You Yearning For Fall

While sharpened pencils and fresh composite notebooks have their places, we’ve swapped the thrill of buying new school supplies with stocking up on fresh Fall beauty products. This season’s crop of new formulas is truly lustworthy. From a glam black lipstick to a seductive hair perfume, the following offerings will inspire you to start saving so you can stock up on swag.

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/New-Beauty-Products-Fall-2016-42212975

9d68e601 1010c4d3 GettyImages 594880094 Donald Trump Is No Longer on a Mission to Make America Smell Great Again

At this point in his career, notorious self-tanner and Miley Cyrus fan Donald Trump has achieved goals that many of us could only dream of. He’s had a book ghostwritten for him. He owns dozens of hotels, buildings, and golf courses with his name on them. He’s been the host of an internationally acclaimed reality show and hung out with an eagle. Now, he’s running as one of the most controversial presidential candidates of our time.

But one of The Donald’s more intriguing business ventures – to POPSUGAR Beauty readers, at least – may have slipped under your radar. Did you know that he has had multiple different lines of cologne (as well as matching aftershaves and shower gels)? However, they all seem to be in the process of discontinuation.

A cursory online search for Empire by Trump, Success by Trump, and the original Trump For Men (yes, all real scent names) showed that they are only available on sites like Groupon and FragranceX: unofficial retailers, where discontinued products turn up before they disappear from the marketplace entirely. MSNBC reported that both Perfumania and Macy’s had ended their relationships with Trump and his scents.

While you may believe that the colognes are being phased out due to lack of consumer interest, that’s far from the truth. Reviews from the popular fragrance site Fragrantica declare Success a clean, fresh scent that smells similar to designer products but costs a fraction of the price. So then why discontinue Trump’s yugely popular lines?

There are two likely reasons at play here and the first is particularly disconcerting: Trump products may be toxic. We found that the range has poor scores on Skin Deep, a cosmetics database from the Environmental Wellness Group that rates beauty brands on the health and safety of ingredients.

For example, Empire by Trump’s shower gel contains retinyl palmitate, a combination of retinol and palmitic acid (a common fatty acid). EWG’s Skin Deep declares this ingredient a nine out 10 in terms of toxicity, stating it can speed up the development of skin tumors.

“Fragrance” is another concerning ingredient in Trump’s formulas. Yes, it is common sense that colognes would include fragrance among its ingredients. But this term is a blanket statement that refers to an undisclosed list of ingredients, any of which could cause allergies, dermatitis, and respiratory distress.

Alternatively, Trump’s colognes could be getting discontinued to keep the focus on his campaign and not his various merchandise. His lines of clothing, steaks, and other ventures have all mysteriously vanished from stores. Hillary Clinton pointed out during the Democratic National Convention that though the entrepreneur claims to be focused on bringing jobs to America, his suits were made overseas. We reached out to Parlux (the manufacturer and distributor behind Trump fragrances) for comment and have yet to hear back.

If you’re still interested in smelling Trump colognes – Trump For Men truly sounds like a refreshing Summer scent – you can still buy them online. You have a few months left to track each fragrance down before either Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election (and they completely fade from shelves) or Trump does (and you’ll be required to own at least one of them as an American citizen). Don’t forget to vote!

Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Donald-Trump-Colognes-Toxic-42282953

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