Real Hair Extensions

Real Hair Extensions come in a variety of colors and textures. There is Remy hair, non Remy hair, Virgin hair, Remy single drawn hair and Remy double drawn hair. The hair can come from Asia, Europe or India.

Remy hair is the most sought after hair for hair extensions and is usually the most expensive. Remy, which means “cuticle correct”, is when the cuticles of the hair are kept intact and not stripped. By preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in the same direction, the extensions are totally natural in appearance. Remy hair is collected by tying the hair in a ponytail and then cutting it from its base, which means that the hair cuticles are facing in one direction.  By doing it this way the hair is longer-lasting, stronger, healthier and remains tangle free.

Non Remy Hair is the most commonly available form of real hair. It is also known as fallen hair. The roots and tips of hairs are mixed up in non-remy hair; which causes the hair to become tangled as the opposing cuticle layers catch on each other. This is a problem but because non remy hair is so much less expensive, it is very popular.

Tangle-free non-remy hair is available and is achieved by chemically removing the cuticles using an acid bath. This reduces the friction amongst hairs, and what remains is tangle-free hair. To make the hair look like natural healthy hair, a laminate is applied to the hair to give it shine and silkiness. This laminate, however, rinses away after a few washes, and the hair becomes dry and frizzy looking.

Virgin Remy hair is Remy hair that hasn’t undergone any chemical or mechanical processes before it is sold as hair extensions. As most real hair is bleached and colored before it is sold onto hair extension manufacturers it can’t be called virgin hair. Remy Single drawn hair is quality hair which has different hair lengths in each weft. Remy Double drawn hair is quality hair where each hair is cut at exactly the same length. It is trimmed at both ends.

If you are planning on using hair extensions to add length to your natural hair, then it is a good idea to use real human hair extensions because they will usually blend better with your hair and look more real than synthetic hair


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