Hair Extension Care

Hair Extension care is really important  or your clip on hair extensions won’t last very long. To make them last you need to keep the clip on hair extensions as clean as possible and wash them regularly. If you let them get too dirty they will tangle and become damaged.

Step One:  Brush the hair with a soft bristle brush and remove all the  tangles. Start at the ends and work your way up always using a  downward motion with the brush.

Step Two: Wet the hair gradually with tepid water making sure the hair doesn’t  tangle.

Step Three: Using good quality shampoo wash the hair starting at the top and  working your way down the hair.

Step Four:  Gently rinse the hair thoroughly from the top of the hair down to the  bottom.

Step Five: Use a good conditioner and gently work it down the length of the hair.

Step Six: Rinse thoroughly and gently detangle hair using a wide tooth comb.

Step Seven: This step is optional depending on the quality of the hair, but to  preserve the hair it can be beneficial to use a small amount of leave in  conditioner to keep the tangles at bay.

Step Eight: Squeeze out excess water and dry with a towel by patting it and  squeezing out the water onto the towel.  Don’t rub the hair or it will  become tangled and don’t brush the hair while it is wet. Let it air dry  by hanging it on a coat hanger. Do not use heat on your hair especially if they are synthetic extensions. This will damage them.

Step Nine: Once they are dry you can hang them from their clips or store them carefully in a plastic bag. This is the routine you should follow for your hair extension care.

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